Malaria Medicines

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Artemether/Lumefantrine (pronounced: Are-tem-eth-er/loo-meh-fan-treen) is the medicine used in treating malaria. It is the recommended treatment, including standby emergency treatment of adults with severe, uncomplicated infections caused by P. falciparum or even mixed infections including P. Falciparum. Since artemether/lumefantrine is effective against both drug-sensitive and drug-resistant P. falciparum, that is why it is recommended for the treatment of[Read more]

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Malaria is particularly deadly in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is caused by a mosquito-friendly climate and frequently poor prevention and treatment. Malaria is a leading cause of death in countries where the notorious female mosquitoes that cause malaria are rampant. Unfortunately, children are more at risk than adults from serious problem of the infection of malaria than adults.[Read more]

Zeramal Oral Suspension

Malaria can be a serious illness in children, especially those under five years old. Zeramal Oral Suspension is the medicine with the proper combination of Artemether and Lumefantrine that are most effective in knocking malaria out of children. ZERAMAL Oral Suspension (Artemether 240mg + Lumefantrine 1440mg)[Read more]

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ZERAMAL DISPERSIBLE (Artemether 20mg + Lumefantrine 120mg Dispersible) - Indication:-
Treatment of malaria in children caused by all forms of plasmodium including acute uncomplicated malaria caused by drug resistant strains of P.falciparum.[Read more]


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