ZERAMAL Oral Suspension (Artemether 240mg + Lumefantrine 1440mg)

Indications: ZERAMAL oral suspension is indicated for the treatment of uncomplicated malaria in children between 6months – 8 yrs weighing 5-24kg

Presentation: Each box contains a bottle of 60ml.

Dosage:  For Children 6months – 3yrs (5-14kgs): 5ml Stat, 5ml 8hrs later, and then 5ml twice daily (morning and evening)  for the following 2 days. (un-used portion to be discarded after 3 days)

                                   4-8yrs (15-24kgs): 10ml Stat, 10ml 8hrs later, and then 10ml twice daily (morning and evening) for the following 2 days

Direction and Preparation:-
To make 60ml suspension, add 45ml water. Invert bottle & shake until all powder is dissolved, then slowly add more water up to the mark on the bottle.
Use only boiled and cooled water. Prepared mixture should be stored in a refrigerator and used within 7days.